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This unique programme is offered to parents and carers as a simple course of six, one-hour sessions, spread over six weeks. It is designed to empower them to be able to offer their children the benefits of reflexology in a way that is fun, relaxing and supports natural bonding. It can be given at home as part of your bedtime routine or at any time of the day or night if your child is distressed or in pain .

Reflexology is a non-invasive complementary therapy that can help with many common ailments of childhood - colic, teething, reflux, constipation, pre- and post-immunisation, tantrums, migraine, coughs and colds - when the reflex points in the feet are manipulated it helps to ease problems within that area of the body as well as supporting the body's own ability to heal itself.

The course is based on a specially created book, The Mouse's House, which engages children through the use of animals, rhymes and the story. and helps you to learn and remember the reflexology. Also there are mini booklets which show you how to treat specific conditions of childhood as mentioned above. This 'Parent Pack' is purchased for you when you book onto the course and is charged at 15. The course is 60 (10 per session) making it a total investment of 75 paid with your booking.


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If you are interested in taking part in a course, ideally with a group of friends whose babies, toddlers or children are of a similar age group, please contact me. Details on the home page or click on the advertisement above.

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